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Military Crash Pad  

What Are Military Crash Pads?

Have you heard of the term ‘ military crash pad’ and are wondering that they are? A military crash pad is exactly what it sounds like. It is a place for military members who are in need of TDY lodgings. A military crash pad is usually an apartment that is located near an airport, and are utilized by active duty, guard and reserve military members because of their proximity to airports and because of their low-cost rent.

There are two types of crash pads - hot beds and cold beds. Hot beds are crash pads that are rented out by the night. Blankets, sheets and pillows are already provided, but the reason why they are called hot beds are because these crash pads may have had someone else sleep in the bed the night before. Cold beds are the exact opposite. These beds are yours alone. You have these beds for as long as you need it. You can leave for a trip for a couple of days and can be guaranteed that you will have a place to sleep when you get back. Also, crash beds with cold beds usually come with a number of amenities that are included in the rent.

If you are looking for military crash pads in Altus, OK, check out Crash Pads Altus. Crash Pads Altus is only two minutes from Altus AFB. You can request an individual room or the entire place for you and the family. Our crash pad is newly updated for your enjoyment, relaxation, and comfort while TDY. So if you are looking for a military crash pad in Altus, look no further than Crash Pads Altus. You can learn more at

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