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Altus Pro's! Tell us yours.

The negative in all of us thinks of every "con" we can about Altus and being TDY. However, there are pros. Every location has advantages, even if they are small, and we have already run into a couple after moving back to civilization. We listed a couple below so while you're at our Crash Pad or any other you can pretend like the grass isn't greener on the other side.

1. Traffic - the only traffic is getting into Applebee's of Fred's on Friday night

2. Cost of living - Altus is cheap! Especially compared to Seattle, San Fran/Sac, Hawaii, Jersey, Anchorage, Charleston, etc.

3. Slow lifestyle - if you like taking it easy and not doing much then extend your TDY!

Of course there's more but those are a couple off the top of the head. We hope that staying at the The Crew Rest in Altus will add some pros to your list.

Altus AFB Crash Pads
Altus Team

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