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Top 10 while TDY to Altus AFB

As nice as the people of Altus and south west Oklahoma may be, the town of Altus and the surrounding areas don't have a whole lot of big attractions. Task & Purpose recently ranked the worst bases and we made the list-link below. That being said every location, TDY, assignment etc is as good or as bad as you make it. We compiled a list of our personal 10 best things/restaurants/places to do off base (most are restaurants).

10. Drive to Lawton for Chic Fil A. You'll miss it and we don't have it.

9. People watch at Walmart. You thought your local Walmart had some wild characters?

8. Heritage movie theater is on the edge of town and has most of the movies out. On base is cheaper but plays older movies.

7. Lake Altus is nice in the summer and there is even some rock climbing.

6. Scooter's is an Oklahoma staple. There's on here, outside of Ft Sill, and Vance AFB in Enid so you can guess the crowd they're after. Beer is cheap.

5. Sakura's sushi is really good for the middle of plains and they have Hibachi.

4. Val's on Main Street has cheap wing Wednesday, local/country atmosphere, outdoor patio and music on Saturdays.

3. Altus Reservior has a dog park and trail around the whole lake that is nice to run and walk.

2. Fat Daddy's on Main Street. Fatty, fried, and cheap plus 1$ Coors!

1. Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge east of town are actually pretty cool and not what you would expect on the plains of Oklahoma. Look out for buffalo!

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